CUSTOMIZE YOUR TRAINING… your imagination is your limitation.

Whatever your training needs, the Sawmill’s multi-use facilities can accommodate. We understand that needs vary from group to group, and you can customize your training to meet those needs. Our facilities are always being upgraded, so stay in touch with us for the latest information. If you have special training needs, our team can create a custom training experience by designing custom environments.



Our climate controlled classrooms feature:

  • Internet access

  • Two monitors with wireless casting

  • Video projector

  • White boards

  • Seating and tables for up to 40+

  • Kitchen in close proximity

  • Restrooms


Precision shooting Ranges

The Sawmill is currently home to 12 ranges from 25 to 100 yards, an unknown distance range, a 360° range, a 100 yard zero range and a 1,400 yard sniper range. Each range can be configured specifically for your training needs with several target types, obstacles, barriers and vehicles. We maintain our ranges to be the pinnacle in safety as well as performance.

Force on Force 2.jpg

force on force training

Simulate virtually any scenario in our force-on-force training area. This walled-in location can be configured to immerse trainees in confined situations that feel more lifelike. From first responders to military, this area is versatile and can be outfitted with structures and obstacles that bring a level of realism into your training. A 30’ tower observation tower overlooks the complex.

Container Super Structure.jpg

Container super structure

Close-quarter and vertical operations can be conducted at the Sawmill’s container super structure which has been fabricated to create multi-level environments that can be outfitted for a more customized experience.

Some noteworthy features of the container super structure:

  • Helicopter skid simulation area

  • 24” x 24” x 25’ shaft for confined rescue training ops

  • Repel / climbing capable

  • Pitched roof section to simulate roof top combat or rescue operations

  • Windows and various breaching obstacles

Sniper Range_lores.jpg

1,400 long sniper range

Our long-gun range is unique among East Coast facilities and offers known distances every 200 yards while providing complex challenges due to thermals and winds. Each of our bermed areas offer 180° scenario based training opportunities.


Helicopter landing zones

The Sawmill has two landing zones certified and MH53 / CH47 capable. The complex also is authorized to perform helo-based operations and training.

360 degree range.jpg

360° range

Take tactical training to the next level. The 360° range allows shooters to fire in every direction while being in a safe environment. A 50-yard diameter area will be fortified with berms and outfitted with obstacles and targets that simulate real-life situations like urban combat and ambushes.

River 2.jpg

versatile terrain

Our South Carolina location offers a temperate climate with all four seasons. The vegetation and elevation of the Sawmill complex is varied. Pine forest, wide open grasslands, steep rocky hills, lowlands with a river, multiple ponds and thick vegetation are among the many features of this picturesque property. Off-road vehicle training and search-and-rescue training are among many of the training exercises these grounds were developed for.